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Data Analysis in 5 Steps

Modern businesses have more data available to them now than ever before. With this abundance of data also comes the need to interpret it in meaningful ways. Many businesses have already begun the process of expanding their focus on data analytics. So much so that by 2022, global spend on business analytics is projected to reach $260B. The growing impact of data on business is also evident with the emergence of the Chief Data Officer role in many companies. Analyzing that data can be a key part of unlocking new insights and learning more about sales and customer trends. While data analysis has clear advantages, it can be overwhelming to figure out where or how to start. In this post we’ll explain five steps to get you started with data analysis.

Improving ROI with E-Learning Innovation

The average business is juggling an increasing number of SaaS products with an increasing yearly cost. The landscape is varied and dynamic. The typical mid-sized company saw 39% of their SaaS stack change last year. How do business leaders ensure strong ROI on SaaS spending and reduce product churn?

Choosing the Right Visualization

Choosing the right visualization for your data can be a daunting task. You may put in countless hours gathering requirements, identifying the data needed to solve your business question, and triple-checking your calculations for accuracy. As you near the finish line, you select the first visualization that seems to suit your data. You don’t spend too much time on this step because you believe the data speaks for itself. While that may be true to an extent, choosing a visualization can have a large impact on how well your data is received. Let’s walk through a few common visualizations for expressing your data story.

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